Mounting a file system

You can mount a VxFS file system by using the mount command. When you enter the mount command, the generic mount command parses the arguments and the -t FSType option executes the mount command specific to that file system type. If the -t option is not supplied, the command searches the file /etc/fstab for a file system and an FSType matching the special file or mount point provided. If no file system type is specified, mount uses the default file system.

The mount command automatically runs the VxFS fsck command to clean up the intent log if the mount command detects a dirty log in the file system. This functionality is only supported on file systems mounted on a Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) volume.

To mount a file system


File system type.


Options common to most other file system types.


Options specific to VxFS.

-o ckpt=ckpt_name

Mounts a Storage Checkpoint.

-o cluster

Mounts a file system in shared mode. Available only with the VxFS cluster file system feature.


A VxFS block special device.


Directory on which to mount the file system.


Mounts the file system as read-only.