VxFS Version 6 disk layout

Disk layout Version 6 enables features such as multi-volume support, cross-platform data sharing, named data streams, and File Change Log.The Version 6 disk layout can theoretically support files and file systems up to 8 exabytes (263). The maximum file system size that can be created is currently restricted to 235 blocks. For a file system to take advantage of greater than 1 terabyte support, it must be created on a Veritas Volume Manager volume. For 64-bit kernels, the maximum size of the file system you can create depends on the block size:

Block Size

Currently-Supported Theoretical Maximum File System Size

1024 bytes

68,719,472,624 sectors (≈32 TB)

2048 bytes

137,438,945,248 sectors (≈64 TB)

4096 bytes

274,877,890,496 sectors (≈128 TB)

8192 bytes

549,755,780,992 sectors (≈256 TB)

The Version 6 disk layout also supports group quotas.

See About quota files on Veritas File System.