Discovering and configuring newly added disk devices

When you physically connect new disks to a host or when you zone new fibre channel devices to a host, you can use the vxdctl enable command to rebuild the volume device node directories and to update the Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) internal database to reflect the new state of the system.

To reconfigure the DMP database, first run cfgmgr to make the operating system recognize the new disks, and then invoke the vxdctl enable command.

You can also use the vxdisk scandisks command to scan devices in the operating system device tree, and to initiate dynamic reconfiguration of multipathed disks.

If you want SF to scan only for new devices that have been added to the system, and not for devices that have been enabled or disabled, specify the -f option to either of the commands, as shown here:

# vxdctl -f enable
# vxdisk -f scandisks

However, a complete scan is initiated if the system configuration has been modified by changes to:

See the vxdctl(1M) manual page.

See the vxdisk(1M) manual page.