Setting tunables for an installation, configuration, or upgrade

You can use a tunables file for installation procedures to set non-default tunables. You invoke the installation script with the tunablesfile option. The tunables file passes arguments to the script to set the selected tunables. You must select the tunables that you want to use from this guide.

See Tunables value parameter definitions.


Certain tunables only take effect after a system reboot.

To set the non-default tunables for an installation, configuration, or upgrade

  1. Prepare the tunables file.

    See Preparing the tunables file.

  2. Make sure the systems where you want to install SFCFSHA meet the installation requirements.
  3. Complete any preinstallation tasks.
  4. Copy the tunables file to one of the systems where you want to install, configure, or upgrade the product.
  5. Mount the product disc and navigate to the directory that contains the installation program.
  6. Start the installer for the installation, configuration, or upgrade. For example:
    # ./installer -tunablesfile /tmp/tunables_file

    Where /tmp/tunables_file is the full path name for the tunables file.

  7. Proceed with the operation. When prompted, accept the tunable parameters.

    Certain tunables are only activated after a reboot. Review the output carefully to determine if the system requires a reboot to set the tunable value.

  8. The installer validates the tunables. If an error occurs, exit the installer and check the tunables file.