The link command in the /etc/llttab file

Review the link command information in this section for the /etc/llttab file. See the following information for sample configurations:

Note that some of the fields in Table: Field description for link command in /etc/llttab differ from the command for standard LLT links.

Table: Field description for link command in /etc/llttab describes the fields of the link command that are shown in the /etc/llttab file examples.

Table: Field description for link command in /etc/llttab




A unique string that is used as a tag by LLT; for example link1, link2,....


The device name of the UDP protocol; for example udp6.


Nodes using the link. "-" indicates all cluster nodes are to be configured for this link.


Type of link; must be "udp6" for LLT over UDP.


Unique UDP port in the range of 49152-65535 for the link.


"-" is the default, which has a value of 8192. The value may be increased or decreased depending on the configuration. Use the lltstat -l command to display the current value.

IPv6 address

IPv6 address of the link on the local node.


"-" is the default for clusters spanning routers.

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