Online fencing migration mode using the Web-based installer

After you configure Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability, you must configure the cluster for data integrity. Review the configuration requirements.

See Configuring Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability using the Web-based installer.

See About planning to configure I/O fencing.

To configure Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability for data integrity

  1. Start the Web-based installer.

    See Starting the Veritas Web-based installer.

  2. On the Select a task and a product page, select the task and the product as follows:


    I/O fencing configuration


    Storage Foundation Cluster File System/HA

    Click Next.

  3. Verify the cluster information that the installer presents and confirm whether you want to configure I/O fencing on the cluster.
  4. On the Select Cluster page, click Next if the installer completes the cluster verification successfully.

    The installer performs the initial system verification. It checks for the system communication. It also checks for release compatibility, installed product version, platform version, and performs product prechecks.

  5. Fencing may be enabled, installer may prompt whether you want to reconfigure it.

    Click Yes.

  6. On the Select Fencing Type page, select the Online fencing migration option.

  7. The installer prompts to select the coordination points you want to remove from the currently configured coordination points.

    Click Next.

  8. Provide the number of Coordination point server and disk coordination points to be added to the configuration.

    Click Next.

  9. Provide the number of virtual IP addresses or Fully Qualified Host Name (FQHN) used for each coordination point server.

    Click Next.

  10. Provide the IP or FQHN and port number for each coordination point server.

    Click Next.

  11. Installer prompts to confirm the online migration coordination point servers.

    Click Yes.


    If the coordination point servers are configured in secure mode, then the communication between coordination point servers and client servers happen in secure mode.

  12. Installer proceeds with migration of the new coordination point servers. VCS is restarted during configuration.

    Click Next.

  13. You can add a Coordination Point agent to the client cluster and also provide name to the agent.
  14. Click Next.
  15. On the Completion page, view the summary file, log file, or response file, if needed, to confirm the configuration.
  16. Select the checkbox to specify whether you want to send your installation information to Symantec.

    Click Finish. The installer prompts you for another task.