Removing VxFS file systems

The VxFS RPM cannot be removed if there are any mounted VxFS file systems. Unmount all VxFS file systems before removing the RPM. After you remove the VxFS RPM, VxFS file systems are not mountable or accessible until another VxFS RPM is installed. It is advisable to back up VxFS file systems before installing a new VxFS RPM. If VxFS will not be installed again, all VxFS file systems must be converted to a new file system type.

To remove VxFS file systems

  1. Check if any VxFS file systems or Storage Checkpoints are mounted:
    # df -T | grep vxfs
  2. Make backups of all data on the file systems that you wish to preserve, or recreate them as non-VxFS file systems on non-VxVM volumes or partitions.
  3. Unmount all Storage Checkpoints and file systems:
    # umount /checkpoint_name
    # umount /filesystem
  4. Comment out or remove any VxFS file system entries from the /etc/fstab file.