Disabling the agents on a system

This section explains how to disable a VCS agent for VVR on a system. To disable an agent, you must change the service group containing the resource type of the agent to an OFFLINE state. Then, you can stop the application or switch the application to another system.

To disable the agents

  1. Check whether any service group containing the resource type of the agent is online by typing the following command:
    # hagrp -state service_group -sys system_name

    If none of the service groups is online, skip to 3.

  2. If the service group is online, take it offline.

    To take the service group offline without bringing it online on any other system in the cluster, enter:

    # hagrp -offline service_group -sys system_name
  3. Stop the agent on the system by entering:
    # haagent -stop agent_name -sys system_name

    When you get the message Please look for messages in the log file, check the file /var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.log for a message confirming that each agent has stopped.

    You can also use the ps command to confirm that the agent is stopped.

  4. Remove the system from the SystemList of the service group. If you disable the agent on all the systems in the SystemList, you can also remove the service groups and resource types from the VCS configuration.

    Read information on administering VCS from the command line.

    Refer to the Veritas Cluster Server User's Guide.