Uninstalling SFCFSHA with the Veritas Web-based installer

This section describes how to uninstall using the Veritas Web-based installer.


After you uninstall the product, you cannot access any file systems you created using the default disk layout Version in SFCFSHA 6.0.1 with a previous version of SFCFSHA.

To uninstall SFCFSHA

  1. Perform the required steps to save any data that you wish to preserve. For example, take back-ups of configuration files.
  2. Start the Web-based installer.

    See Starting the Veritas Web-based installer.

  3. On the Select a task and a product page, select Uninstall a Product from the Task drop-down list.
  4. Select Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability from the Product drop-down list, and click Next.
  5. Indicate the systems on which to uninstall. Enter one or more system names, separated by spaces. Click Next.
  6. After the validation completes successfully, click Next to uninstall SFCFSHA on the selected system.
  7. If there are any processes running on the target system, the installer stops the processes. Click Next.
  8. After the installer stops the processes, the installer removes the products from the specified system.

    Click Next.

  9. After the uninstall completes, the installer displays the location of the summary, response, and log files. If required, view the files to confirm the status of the removal.
  10. Click Finish.

    Most RPMs have kernel components. In order to ensure their complete removal, a system reboot is recommended after all the RPMs have been removed.