CVM initialization and configuration

Before any nodes can join a new cluster for the first time, you must supply certain configuration information during cluster monitor setup. This information is normally stored in some form of cluster monitor configuration database. The precise content and format of this information depends on the characteristics of the cluster monitor. The information required by VxVM is as follows:

When a node joins the cluster, this information is automatically loaded into VxVM on that node at node startup time.


The CVM functionality of VxVM is supported only when used with a cluster monitor that has been configured correctly to work with VxVM.

Use a cluster monitor such as GAB (Group Membership and Atomic Broadcast) in Veritas Cluster Service (VCS). For VCS, the Veritas product installer collects the required information to configure the cluster monitor.

The cluster monitor startup procedure effects node initialization, and brings up the various cluster components (such as VxVM with cluster support, the cluster monitor, and a distributed lock manager) on the node. Once this is complete, applications may be started. The cluster monitor startup procedure must be invoked on each node to be joined to the cluster.

For VxVM in a cluster environment, initialization consists of loading the cluster configuration information and joining the nodes in the cluster. The first node to join becomes the master node, and later nodes (slaves) join to the master. If two nodes join simultaneously, VxVM chooses the master. After a given node joins, that node has access to the shared disk groups and volumes.