SmartTier in a High Availability (HA) environment

Veritas Cluster Server does not provide a bundled agent for volume sets. If issues arise with volumes or volume sets, the issues can only be detected at the DiskGroup and Mount resource levels.

The DiskGroup agent brings online, takes offline, and monitors a Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) disk group. This agent uses VxVM commands. When the value of the StartVolumes and StopVolumes attributes are both 1, the DiskGroup agent onlines and offlines the volumes during the import and deport operations of the disk group. When using volume sets, set StartVolumes and StopVolumes attributes of the DiskGroup resource that contains the volume are set to 1. If a file system is created on the volume set, use a Mount resource to mount the volume set.

The Mount agent brings online, takes offline, and monitors a file system or NFS client mount point.

For additional information, see the Veritas Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.