Preparing the tunables file

A tunables file is a Perl module and consists of an opening and closing statement, with the tunables defined between. Use the hash symbol at the beginning of the line to comment out the line. The tunables file opens with the line "our %TUN;" and ends with the return true "1;" line. The final return true line only needs to appear once at the end of the file. Define each tunable parameter on its own line.

You can use the installer to create a tunables file template, or manually format tunables files you create.

To create a tunables file template

To manually format tunables files

For the system_name, use the name of the system, its IP address, or a wildcard symbol. The value_of_tunable depends on the type of tunable you are setting. End the line with a semicolon.

The following is an example of a tunables file.

# Tunable Parameter Values:
our %TUN;