CVMVxconfigd agent

The CVMVxconfigd agent starts and monitors the vxconfigd daemon. The vxconfigd daemon maintains disk and disk group configurations, communicates configuration changes to the kernel, and modifies the configuration information that is stored on disks. CVMVxconfigd must be present in the CVM service group.

The CVMVxconfigd agent is an OnOnly agent; the agent starts the resource when the cluster starts up and VCS restarts the resource when necessary. The Operations attribute specifies these default aspects of startup.

Symantec recommends starting the vxconfigd daemon with the syslog option, which enables logging of debug messages. Note that the SFCFSHA installation configures the syslog option for the CVMVxconfigd agent.

This agent is IMF-aware and uses asynchronous monitoring framework (AMF) kernel driver for IMF notification. For more information about the Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) and intelligent resource monitoring, refer to the Veritas Cluster Server Administrator's Guide.