Reconciling major/minor numbers for NFS shared disks

Your configuration may include disks on the shared bus that support NFS. You can configure the NFS file systems that you export on disk partitions or on Veritas Volume Manager volumes.

An example disk partition name is /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s2.

An example volume name is /dev/vx/dsk/shareddg/vol3. Each name represents the block device on which the file system is to be mounted.

In a VCS cluster, block devices providing NFS service must have the same major and minor numbers on each cluster node. Major numbers identify required device drivers (such as a Solaris partition or a VxVM volume). Minor numbers identify the specific devices themselves. NFS also uses major and minor numbers to identify the exported file system.

Major and minor numbers must be verified to ensure that the NFS identity for the file system is the same when exported from each node.