Making the IPS publisher accessible

The installation of SFCFSHA 6.0.1 fails on Solaris 11 if the Image Packaging System (IPS) publisher is inaccessible. The following error message is displayed:

CPI ERROR V-9-20-1273 Unable to contact configured publishers on <node_name>.

Solaris 11 introduces the new Image Packaging System (IPS) and sets a default publisher (solaris) during Solaris installation. When additional packages are being installed, the set publisher must be accessible for the installation to succeed. If the publisher is inaccessible, as in the case of a private network, then package installation will fail. The following commands can be used to display the set publishers:

# pkg publisher


root@sol11-03:~# pkg publisher
solaris         origin   online
root@sol11-03:~# pkg publisher solaris             Publisher: solaris
           Origin URI:
              SSL Key: None
             SSL Cert: None
          Client UUID: 00000000-3f24-fe2e-0000-000068120608
      Catalog Updated: October 09:53:00 PM
 													Enabled: Yes
     Signature Policy: verify

To make the IPS publisher accessible

  1. Enter the following to disable the publisher (in this case, solaris):
    # pkg set-publisher --disable solaris 
  2. Repeat the installation of SFCFSHA 6.0.1.
  3. Re-enable the original publisher. If the publisher is still inaccessible (private network), then the no-refresh option can be used to re-enable it.
    # pkg set-publisher --enable solaris


    # pkg set-publisher --enable --no-refresh solaris


Unsetting the publisher will have a similar effect, except that the publisher can only be re-set if it is accessible. See pkg(1) for further information on the pkg utility.