Configuring Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability in secure mode

Configuring SFCFSHA in secure mode ensures that all the communication between the systems is encrypted and users are verified against security credentials. SFCFSHA user names and passwords are not used when a cluster is running in secure mode. You can select the secure mode to be FIPS compliant while configuring the secure mode.

To configure SFCFSHA in secure mode

  1. Enter appropriate choices when the installer prompts you:
    Would you like to configure the VCS cluster in 
    secure mode [y,n,q] (n) y 
    1. Configure the cluster in secure mode without FIPS
    2. Configure the cluster in secure mode with FIPS
    3. Back to previous menu
    Select the option you would like to perform [1-2,b,q] (1) 2 
  2. To verify the cluster is in secure mode after configuration, run the command:
    # haclus -<value> SecureClus

    The command returns 1 if cluster is in secure mode, else returns 0.