Adding VCS users

If you have enabled a secure VCS cluster, you do not need to add VCS users now. Otherwise, on systems operating under an English locale, you can add VCS users at this time.

To add VCS users

  1. Review the required information to add VCS users.
  2. Reset the password for the Admin user, if necessary.
    Do you wish to accept the default cluster credentials of 
    'admin/password'? [y,n,q] (y) n
    Enter the user name: [b,q,?] (admin) 
    Enter the password: 
    Enter again:
  3. To add a user, enter y at the prompt.
    Do you want to add another user to the cluster? [y,n,q] (y)
  4. Enter the user's name, password, and level of privileges.
    Enter the user name: [b,q,?] smith
    Enter New Password:*******
    Enter Again:*******
    Enter the privilege for user smith (A=Administrator, O=Operator, 
    G=Guest): [b,q,?] a
  5. Enter n at the prompt if you have finished adding users.
    Would you like to add another user? [y,n,q] (n)
  6. Review the summary of the newly added users and confirm the information.