Starting the Veritas Web-based installer

This section describes starting the Veritas Web-based installer.

To start the Web-based installer

  1. Start the Veritas XPortal Server process xprtlwid, on the installation server:
    # ./webinstaller start

    The webinstaller script displays a URL. Note this URL.


    If you do not see the URL, run the command again.

    The default listening port is 14172. If you have a firewall that blocks port 14172, use the -port option to use a free port instead.

  2. On the administrative server, start the Web browser.
  3. Navigate to the URL that the script displayed.
  4. Certain browsers may display the following message:
    Secure Connection Failed

    Obtain a security exception for your browser.

    When prompted, enter root and root's password of the installation server.

  5. Log in as superuser.