Upgrading the array support

The Storage Foundation 6.0.1 release includes all array support in a single package, VRTSaslapm. The array support package includes the array support previously included in the VRTSvxvm package. The array support package also includes support previously packaged as external array support libraries (ASLs) and array policy modules (APMs).

See the 6.0.1 Hardware Compatibility List for information about supported arrays.

See Hardware compatibility list (HCL).

When you upgrade Storage Foundation products with the product installer, the installer automatically upgrades the array support. If you upgrade Storage Foundation products with manual steps, you should remove any external ASLs or APMs that were installed previously on your system. Installing the VRTSvxvm package exits with an error if external ASLs or APMs are detected.

After you have installed Storage Foundation 6.0.1, Symantec provides support for new disk arrays through updates to the VRTSaslapm package.

For more information about array support, see the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability Administrator's Guide.