Upgrading SFCFSHA using response files

Typically, you can use the response file that the installer generates after you perform SFCFSHA upgrade on one system to upgrade SFCFSHA on other systems. You can also create a response file using the makeresponsefile option of the installer.

To perform automated SFCFSHA upgrade

  1. Make sure the systems where you want to upgrade SFCFSHA meet the upgrade requirements.
  2. Make sure the pre-upgrade tasks are completed.
  3. Copy the response file to one of the systems where you want to upgrade SFCFSHA.
  4. Edit the values of the response file variables as necessary.
  5. Mount the product disc and navigate to the folder that contains the installation program.
  6. Start the upgrade from the system to which you copied the response file. For example:
    # ./installer -responsefile /tmp/response_file
    # ./installsfcfsha -responsefile /tmp/response_file

    Where /tmp/response_file is the response file's full path name.