Upgrading VVR on the Primary

After you upgrade the Secondary, use the Veritas product installer to upgrade the Primary.

To upgrade the Primary

  1. Stop replication to the Primary host by initiating a Primary pause using the following command:
    # vradmin -g diskgroup pauserep local_rvgname
  2. Upgrade from VVR 5.1 or later to VVR 6.0.1 on the Secondary.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Upgrade the disk group now. Enter the following:

      # vxdg upgrade dgname
    • Upgrade the disk group later.

      If you upgrade the disk group later, be sure to pause replication before you upgrade the disk group.

  4. Resume the replication from the Primary using the following command:
    # vradmin -g diskgroup resumerep local_rvgname

See Planning an upgrade from the previous VVR version.