Removing the node configuration from the CP server

After removing a node from a SFCFSHA cluster, perform the steps in the following procedure to remove that node's configuration from the CP server.


The cpsadm command is used to perform the steps in this procedure. For detailed information about the cpsadm command, see the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability Administrator's Guide.

To remove the node configuration from the CP server

  1. Log into the CP server as the root user.
  2. View the list of VCS users on the CP server, using the following command:
    # cpsadm -s cp_server -a list_users

    Where cp_server is the virtual IP/ virtual hostname of the CP server.

  3. Remove the VCS user associated with the node you previously removed from the cluster.

    For CP server in non-secure mode:

    # cpsadm -s cp_server  -a rm_user \
    -e cpsclient@sys5  -f cps_operator  -g vx
  4. Remove the node entry from the CP server:
    # cpsadm -s cp_server -a rm_node  -h sys5 -c clus1 -n 2
  5. View the list of nodes on the CP server to ensure that the node entry was removed:
    # cpsadm -s cp_server -a list_nodes