Enabling and disabling Storage Checkpoint visibility

You enable Storage Checkpoint visibility through the ckptautomnt mount option, which can be set to one of three values: off, ro, or rw. Because enabling Storage Checkpoint visibility prevents manual mounting of clones, the default value is off. Setting the option to ro causes all clones to be automounted as read-only, while rw causes all clones to be automounted as read/write.

If you take a Storage Checkpoint of an existing Storage Checkpoint (instead of the primary file set), the directory for the source Storage Checkpoint in .checkpoint functions as the mount point. For example, to take a Storage Checkpoint of the Storage Checkpoint clone1 in a file system mounted on /mnt, use the following command:

# fsckptadm create clone2 /mnt/.checkpoint/clone1

By default, Veritas Storage Foundation (SF) does not make inode numbers unique. However, you can specify the uniqueino mount option to enable the use of unique 64-bit inode numbers. You cannot change this option during a remount.

The following example enables Storage Checkpoint visibility by causing all clones to be automounted as read/write:

  # mount -V vxfs -o ckptautomnt=rw /dev/vx/dsk/dg1/vol1 /mnt1