Displaying information about array ports

Use the commands in this section to display information about array ports. The information displayed for an array port includes the name of its enclosure, and its ID and worldwide name (WWN) identifier.


DMP does not report information about array ports for LUNs that are controlled by the native multi-pathing driver. DMP reports pWWN information only if the dmp_monitor_fabric tunable is on, and the event source daemon (esd) is running.

To display the attributes of an array port that is accessible via a path, DMP node or HBA controller, use one of the following commands:

# vxdmpadm getportids path=path-name
# vxdmpadm getportids dmpnodename=dmpnode-name
# vxdmpadm getportids ctlr=ctlr-name

The following form of the command displays information about all of the array ports within the specified enclosure:

# vxdmpadm getportids enclosure=enclr-name

The following example shows information about the array port that is accessible via DMP node hdisk12:

# vxdmpadm getportids dmpnodename=hdisk12

hdisk12    HDS9500V0   1A            20:00:00:E0:8B:06:5F:19