Removing VxVM paging volumes

Use the rmps -t vxvm command to remove the VxVM volumes that are acting as paging devices. The volumes must not be active.

This command removes all of the references of the volumes from LVM and VxVM configurations.

To remove the VxVM paging volumes

  1. Deactivate the volume before removing the paging volume:
    # swapoff /dev/myswapvol
  2. Use the following command to remove the VxVM volume that is acting as a paging device:
    # rmps -t vxvm myswapvol
    VxVM vxvm INFO V-5-2-0 myswapvol deleted.

If the volume is active, attempts to run the rmps command fail with the following error:

# rmps -t vxvm myswapvol 
rmps: Paging space myswapvol is active. 
rmps: Cannot remove paging space myswapvol.