Displaying disk information with vxdiskadm

Disk information shows you which disks are initialized, to which disk groups they belong, and the disk status. The list option displays device names for all recognized disks, the disk names, the disk group names associated with each disk, and the status of each disk.

To display disk information

  1. Start the vxdiskadm program, and select list (List disk information) from the main menu.
  2. At the following prompt, enter the name of the device you want to see, or enter all for a list of all devices:
    List disk information 
    Menu: VolumeManager/Disk/ListDisk 
    VxVM INFO V-5-2-475 Use this menu operation to display a list of 
    disks. You can also choose to list detailed information about 
    the disk at a specific disk device address. 
    Enter disk device or "all" [<address>,all,q,?] (default: all)
    • If you enter all, VxVM displays the device name, disk name, group, and status of all the devices.

    • If you enter the name of a device, VxVM displays complete disk information (including the device name, the type of disk, and information about the public and private areas of the disk) of that device.

    Once you have examined this information, press Return to return to the main menu.