File placement policy grammar

VxFS allocates and relocates files within a multi-volume file system based on properties in the file system metadata that pertains to the files. Placement decisions may be based on file name, directory of residence, time of last access, access frequency, file size, and ownership. An individual file system's criteria for allocating and relocating files are expressed in the file system's file placement policy.

A VxFS file placement policy defines the desired placement of sets of files on the volumes of a VxFS multi-volume file system. A file placement policy specifies the placement classes of volumes on which files should be created, and where and under what conditions the files should be relocated to volumes in alternate placement classes or deleted. You can create file placement policy documents, which are XML text files, using an XML editor, a text editor, or Veritas Operations Manager (VOM).

See the /opt/VRTSvxfs/etc/placement_policy.dtd file for the overall structure of a placement policy.