Migrating VVR RLINKs from IPv4 to IPv6 when VCS global clustering and VVR agents are configured

To migrate VVR RLINKs from IPv4 to IPv6

  1. Migrate VVR replication from the IPv4 network to the IPv6 network. The IPs specified for the newpri and newsec attributes must be the same as the ones specified for the Primary and the Secondary logowner IP.

    For example:

    # vradmin -g hrdg changeip hr_rvg \
      newpri=fd4b:454e:205a:111:213:72ff:fe59:4a23 \
  2. Verify that the replication RLINKs on both the sites now use the IPv6 addresses. Enter the following:
    # vxprint -Pl

    The service group which monitors or controls the logowner on the Primary site is now similar to the following:

    group rlogowner (
            SystemList = { swlx20 = 0, swlx21 = 1 }
            AutoStartList = { swlx20, swlx21 }
            IP logowner_ip (
                    Device = eth1
                    Address = "fd4b:454e:205a:111:213:72ff:fe59:4a23"
                    PrefixLen = 64
            NIC nic (
                    Device = eth1
            RVGLogowner logowner (
                    RVG = rac1_rvg
                    DiskGroup = shared_dg

The entire VCS global clustering and VVR setup now uses the IPv6 network connectivity on both the Primary and Secondary sites. However, both the IPv4 and IPv6 network connections are online.

If you want an IPv6-only configuration, you must remove the IPv4 network.