Clearing the udid_mismatch flag for non-clone disks

After you install or upgrade a new Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) package or an Array Support Library (ASL) package, changes to an ASL may cause the udid_mismatch flag or the clone_disk flag to be set on disks that are not cloned disks. VxVM uses these flags to indicate hardware snapshots or copies of a LUN.

If the disk is not a cloned disk, this behavior could result in errors during disk group import, depending on the import flags. When a disk group is imported, VxVM may skip cloned disks. Also, the import may fail because a disk group has a combination of cloned and non-cloned disks.

If the disk is not a cloned disk, you must manually clear the udid_mismatch flag on the disk before the disk group import can succeed.


In a cluster, perform all the steps on the same node.

To clear the udid_mismatch flag from a disk

  1. Retrieve the refreshed list of disks showing the udid_mismatch flag or the clone_disk flag. Use one of the following methods:
    • Run the following commands:

      # vxdisk scandisks
      # vxdisk list | egrep "udid_mismatch|clone_disk"
    • Or, run the following command:

      # vxdisk -o alldgs list | egrep "udid_mismatch|clone_disk"
  2. If the disks are part of an imported disk group, deport the disk group.
    # vxdg deport dgname
  3. Clear the udid_mismatch flag on all non-clone disks identified during step 1.
    # vxdisk updateudid diskname
  4. Clear the clone flag on non-clone disks.
    # vxdisk set diskname clone=off
  5. Import the disk group if it was deported during step 2
    # vxdg [-s] import dgname