Storage Checkpoint quotas

VxFS provides options to the fsckptadm command interface to administer Storage Checkpoint quotas. Storage Checkpoint quotas set the following limits on the amount of space used by all Storage Checkpoints of a primary file set:

hard limit

An absolute limit that cannot be exceeded. If a hard limit is exceeded, all further allocations on any of the Storage Checkpoints fail, but existing Storage Checkpoints are preserved.

soft limit

Must be lower than the hard limit. If a soft limit is exceeded, no new Storage Checkpoints can be created. The number of blocks used must return below the soft limit before more Storage Checkpoints can be created. An alert and console message are generated.

In case of a hard limit violation, various solutions are possible, enacted by specifying or not specifying the -f option for the fsckptadm utility.

See the fsckptadm(1M) manual page.

Specifying or not specifying the -f option has the following effects: