Moving volumes from a VM disk

Before you disable or remove a disk, you can move the data from that disk to other disks on the system that have sufficient space.

To move volumes from a disk

  1. From the vxdiskadm main menu, select Move volumes from a disk .
  2. At the following prompt, enter the disk name of the disk whose volumes you want to move, as follows:
    Enter disk name [<disk>,list,q,?] mydg01

    You can now optionally specify a list of disks to which the volume(s) should be moved. At the prompt, do one of the following:

    • Press Enter to move the volumes onto available space in the disk group.

    • Specify the disks in the disk group that should be used, as follows:

    Enter disks [<disk ...>,list] 
    VxVM NOTICE V-5-2-283 Requested operation is to move all
    volumes from disk mydg01 in group mydg.
    NOTE: This operation can take a long time to complete. 
    Continue with operation? [y,n,q,?] (default: y)

    As the volumes are moved from the disk, the vxdiskadm program displays the status of the operation:

    VxVM vxevac INFO V-5-2-24 Move volume voltest ...

    When the volumes have all been moved, the vxdiskadm program displays the following success message:

    VxVM INFO V-5-2-188 Evacuation of disk mydg02 is complete.
  3. At the following prompt, indicate whether you want to move volumes from another disk (y) or return to the vxdiskadm main menu (n):
    Move volumes from another disk? [y,n,q,?] (default: n)