Configuring SmartMove

By default, the SmartMove utility is enabled for all volumes. Configuring the SmartMove feature is only required if you want to change the default behavior, or if you have modified the behavior previously.

SmartMove has three values where SmartMove can be applied or not. The three values are:




Do not use SmartMove at all.


Use SmartMove for thin aware LUNs only.


Use SmartMove for all types of LUNs.

This is the default value.

To configure the SmartMove value

  1. To display the current and default SmartMove values, type the following command:
    # vxdefault list
    KEYWORD                        CURRENT-VALUE   DEFAULT-VALUE  
    usefssmartmove                 all             all       
  2. To set the SmartMove value, type the following command:
    # vxdefault set usefssmartmove value

    where value is either none, thinonly, or all.