Removing a mirror

When you no longer need a mirror, you can remove it to free disk space.


VxVM will not allow you to remove the last valid plex associated with a volume.

To remove a mirror from a volume, use the following command:

# vxassist [-g diskgroup] remove mirror volume

You can also use storage attributes to specify the storage to be removed. For example, to remove a mirror on disk mydg01 from volume vol01, enter the following.


The ! character is a special character in some shells. The following example shows how to escape it in a bash shell.

# vxassist -g mydg remove mirror vol01 \!mydg01

Alternatively, use the following command to dissociate and remove a mirror from a volume:

# vxplex [-g diskgroup] -o rm dis mirror 

For example, to dissociate and remove a mirror named vol01-02 from the disk group mydg, use the following command:

# vxplex -g mydg -o rm dis vol01-02

This command removes the mirror vol01-02 and all associated subdisks. This is equivalent to entering the following commands separately:

# vxplex -g mydg dis vol01-02
# vxedit -g mydg -r rm vol01-02

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