An inode is a unique identification number for each file in a file system. An inode contains the data and metadata associated with that file, but does not include the filenames to which the inode corresponds. It is therefore relatively difficult to determine the name of a file from an inode number. The ncheck command provides a mechanism for obtaining a filename from an inode identifier by scanning each directory in the file system, but this process can take a long time. The VxFS reverse path name lookup feature obtains path names relatively quickly.


Because symbolic links do not constitute a path to the file, the reverse path name lookup feature cannot track symbolic links to files.

A file inode number, generation count, and, in the case of a VX_FCL_LINK, VX_FCL_UNLINK, or VX_FCL_RENAME record, trailing filename, when combined with the use of reverse path name lookup, can generate full path names for each FCL record.