About SFCFSHA utilities for the Oracle database

Symantec provides a tool to create a point-in-time copy of the database called DBSNAP. DBSNAP is a point-in-time copy of all the database files taken using the vxfilesnap command. FileSnap is a space-optimized copy of a file in the same name space stored in the same file system. DBAs can use this facility to create a space optimized point-in-time copy of the database. This database copy can be used to create a clone database on any host which has access to this file system. DBSNAP is a true database backup copy of the database which can be used for database point-in-time recovery.

The svsdbsnap command provides ability to create, manage, and clone point-in-time copy of Oracle database. These point-in-time copies are called DBSNAP images. This command runs as Oracle DBA from the ORACLE host. This command queries database, retrieves information about data files, control files and redo log by querying the database. Therefore the database needs to be online for creating DBSNAP. This command can also be used to restore the primary database from the DBSNAP image.