What to do if you see a licensing reminder

In this release, you can install without a license key. In order to comply with the End User License Agreement, you must either install a license key or make the host managed by a Management Server. If you do not comply with these terms within 60 days, the following warning messages result:

WARNING V-365-1-1 This host is not entitled to run Symantec Storage 
Foundation/Symantec Cluster Server.As set forth in the End User 
License Agreement (EULA) you must complete one of the two options 
set forth below. To comply with this condition of the EULA and 
stop logging of this message, you have <nn> days to either:
- make this host managed by a Management Server (see 
  http://go.symantec.com/sfhakeyless for details and free download),
- add a valid license key matching the functionality in use on this host 
  using the command 'vxlicinst' and validate using the command 
'vxkeyless set NONE'.

To comply with the terms of the EULA, and remove these messages, you must do one of the following within 60 days: