The LLT module fails to start

When you try to start LLT, it may fail to start and you may see the following message:

# /etc/init.d/llt start
Starting LLT:
LLT: loading module...
LLT:Error loading LLT dependency rdma_cm.
Make sure module rdma_cm is available on the system.

Description: Check the system log at /var/log/messages. If the log file lists the following error, the issue may be because the IPv6 module is not available on the system. In addition, the LLT module has indirect dependency on the IPv6 module.

ib_addr: Unknown symbol ipv6_dev_get_saddr
ib_addr: Unknown symbol ip6_route_output
ib_addr: Unknown symbol ipv6_chk_addr

Resolution: Load the IPv6 module. If you do not want to configure the IPv6 module on the node, then configure the IPv6 module to start in the disabled mode.

To start IPv6 in the disabled mode:

The LLT module starts up without any issues once the file loads the IPv6 module in the disabled mode.