API library interfaces

The API library interfaces highlighted in this SDK are the vxfsutil library and VxFS IOCTL directives. The library contains a collection of API calls that applications can use to take advantage of the features of the VxFS file system. Manual pages are available for all of the API interfaces.

Table: Library APIs and features describes the API calls and features available in the VxFS API library.

Table: Library APIs and features




Inode-to-path lookup


Named Data Stream


File Change Log


Multi-volume support

Caching Advisories

IOCTL directives


IOCTL directives


IOCTL directives

The VxFS API library, vxfsutil, can be installed independent of the Veritas File System product. This library is implemented using a stubs library and dynamic library combination. Applications are compiled with the stubs library libvxfsutil.a, making the application portable to any VxFS target environment. The application can then be run on a VxFS target, and the stubs library finds the dynamic library that is provided with the VxFS target.

The stubs library uses a default path for the location of the vxfsutil.so dynamic library. In most cases, the default path should be used. However, the default path can be overridden by setting the environment variable, LIBVXFSUTIL_DLL_PATH, to the path of the vxfsutil.so library. This structure allows an application to be deployed with minimal issues related to compatibility with other releases of VxFS.