Software developer's kit RPMs

The VRTSfssdk RPM comprises the SDK. The VRTSfssdk RPM contains libraries, header files, and sample programs in source and binary formats that demonstrate usage of the VxFS API interfaces to develop and compile applications. The VRTSfssdk RPM also contains this guide and the API manual pages.

The directory structure in the VRTSfssdk RPM is as follows:


Contains several subdirectories with sample programs and GNU-based Makefile files on each topic of interest.


Contains symlinks to all the sample programs in the sources directory for easy access to binaries.


Contains the header files for API library and ioctl interfaces.


Contains the pre-compiled vxfsutil API interface stubs library.


Contains the source code for the vxfsutil API interface stubs library.

The VRTSfssdk RPM can be obtained separately from the VxFS RPM. To run the applications or sample programs, a licensed VxFS target is required. In addition, the VxFS license of the required features should be installed on the target system.