Managing the licenses through vSphere Client menu

Perform the following steps to manage the licenses through vSphere Client menu. You can manage the licenses on local and remote virtual machines.

To manage the licenses

  1. Connect to the vCenter Server and navigate to Home > Solutions and Applications > Symantec High Availability
  2. Click the License Management tab.
  3. Select the desired virtual machines and click Next.

    Only the machines that are running can be selected.

  4. Select a virtual machine and click Add License.

    Use the CTRL key to select multiple virtual machines.

  5. On the Add License panel, enter the license key in the New License Key text box and click Validate Key.

    The installer validates the license key. For successful validation the status reflects New license applied. In case of validation failure, the status is reflects Validation Failed. Enter a valid license key. Click Ok.

  6. Click Apply.

The specified license keys take effect immediately.

To view the details of the existing licenses, select the individual virtual machine. The details are displayed in the Existing License Details table.