This ioctl can only be issued against a Secondary RVG with a valid key obtained from the RV_IBC_REGISTER ioctl. The ioctl unfreezes replication of the Secondary RVG; that is, it resumes updates of the Secondary volumes.

The ioctl argument structure for the RV_IBC_UNFREEZE command is:

    struct ibc_unfreeze_args {
        ibc_appid_t     application_id;

Argument application_id is the key returned by the RV_IBC_REGISTER ioctl. A registration must be done before the RV_IBC_UNFREEZE ioctl can be used.

On failure, the possible values returned in errno are:


Argument application_id is not valid.


There is currently active use of the IBC messaging facility by one or more ioctls using this application_id