This ioctl returns all the currently registered application names for the RVG. You can register up to 32 application names can be registered in RVG.

The ioctl argument structure for the RV_IBC_STATUS command is:

struct ibc_status_args {
        int             napps;
        caddr_t         stat_buf;               
        int             buf_len;

Argument napps is the number of applications registered.

Argument stat_buf returns the application name and the application ID. This is a preallocated buffer with the following structure:

struct ibc_status       {
        char            application_name[NAME_SZ];
        ibc_appid_t     application_id;

Argument buf_len specifies the times of the ibc_status buffer, which determines the number of application names it returns. You can register to 32 application names per RVG.

If no application names are registered in the RVG, no error is returned. In this case, the argument napps be 0.