Cross-platform Data Sharing in VVR

Cross-platform Data Sharing (CDS) allows the sharing of data between heterogeneous systems where each system has direct access to the physical devices used to hold the data. Sharing in this manner requires the capability to share the devices at various levels in the software hierarchy.

Volume Replicator (VVR) is CDS compliant. VVR uses CDS format to support the following functionality:

The Storage Replicator Log (SRL) is created in a CDS format. Starting with the 5.0 release, the SRL is created in the CDS format, regardless of the disk group type. When you upgrade from a previous release of VVR to 5.0 or later, the upgrade process dissociates the SRL and creates a new SRL in CDS format.

When you use VVR to replicate between targets that have different byte orders, for example targets on different operating systems, you need to use application-specific byte conversion utilities to interpret the replicated data. For example, if the Veritas File System (VxFS) is used on top of the replicated volumes, you must use fscdsconv to convert the file system to the native byte order.

For more information, see the Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions Solutions Guide.