About SmartIO in an SFHA environment

In a clustered environment, the SmartIO cache is local to each node in the cluster. The cache area cannot be brought offline from one node and then brought online on a different node.

When SmartIO read caching is used in an Active/Passive environment such as with SFHA, you can deport and import the data volumes and file systems to another node. The SmartIO cache is not moved to the other node. Caching starts on the new node with the local SmartIO cache area there. SmartIO does not provide the capability to migrate the cache in a high availability cluster during a failover.

For VxFS write-back caching, failing over the disk group is not recommended. In the case of local mount, if there is no cache mirror, the disk copy of the file can be incomplete or stale if the node fails. Symantec recommends using SFCFSHA instead, which provides data reflection of the cache.