Prerequisites and configuration for using the SmartIO plug-in for Oracle

The SmartIO feature of Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions includes a plug-in for Oracle databases.

The SmartIO plug-in for Oracle requires Oracle version 11 or later. This restriction does not apply to SmartIO caching without the plug-in.

Make sure the system is configured correctly to use the SmartIO plug-in for Oracle.

To configure the system to use the SmartIO plug-in for Oracle

  1. Before executing the Oracle SmartIO plug-in, create the file system cache area and bring the cache area online.
  2. The Oracle SmartIO plug-in needs to query database catalog tables. Make sure the Oracle database is online and running on the same host where you need to run the sfcache commands for the Oracle plug-in.
  3. For the sfcache app oracle command to work, the /var/opt/oracle/oratab file must be present and must include the following line:


    oraclesid is the system id (SID) of an Oracle instance on the server.

    oracle_home is the ORACLE_HOME directory associated with this instance.

    Y|N flags indicate whether the instance should automatically start at boot time.