Creating a cache area

SmartIO introduces the concept of a cache area. The cache area is the storage space that SmartIO uses to store the cached data and the metadata about the cached data. You create a cache area to use for I/O caching. Usually, you use SSD devices or other fast devices for the cache area. A cache area can be used for VxFS caching or VxVM caching. You can create only one cache area of each type on each system.

To create a cache area on a device, specify the device name (disk access name) or the name of a disk group and volume on the device.

By default, a cache area has an association type of auto. All of the data objects of the same type (VxVM or VxFS) are implicitly associated with the auto cache area. If the association type is noauto, you must explicitly associate the data objects to the cache area.

In a cluster, each node has a separate, local cache area.

To create a VxVM cache area

To create a VxFS cache area