Installing Symantec Array Support Library (ASL) for VMDK on cluster nodes

In order for the cluster file system to work properly with the VMDK files, an ASL must be installed in the virtual server. The ASL package (VRTSaslapm) version that contains the VMDK ASL is

To download the ASL package

  1. Go to the SORT download site:

    The direct link to the VMDK ASL package is:

  2. Under the Array Support Library (ASL)/Array Policy Module (APM), select VRTSaslapm [Download] - 674 K to download the package.

On each clustered file system node, perform the following steps. The steps are illustrated with the the example installation and your details may vary.

To install the ASL package

  1. To install the package, follow the instructions outlined in the Readme file (VRTSaslap_readme.txt) which is displayed towards the end on the above direct link.

    You can also save this Readme file by selecting the Save As… option.

  2. Check the downloaded file is the correct size according to the SFCFSHA Release Notes and get it ready to install.

  3. As stated in the release notes, the procedure will differ depending on a previous package was already installed or not. In the example installation, a GA version was already installed, so an upgrade is the route to be taken.

In the case of the example installation, the version for RHEL6. Any future updates to the VMDK ASL will be published in and will have a higher revision than, such as

After installing the ASL, you will notice that the disk has been renamed from disk_0 to vmdk0_0. Before ASL:

# vxdisk list
DEVICE         TYPE         DISK         GROUP         STATUS
disk_0         auto:none    -            - online      invalid

After ASL has been deployed:

# vxdisk list
DEVICE         TYPE         DISK         GROUP         STATUS
vmdk0_0        auto:none    -            - online      invalid

vmdk0_0 is the boot disk that is to be excluded from Volume Manger configuration.