Hardware requirements

Table: Hardware requirements for a VCS cluster lists the hardware requirements for a VCS cluster.

Table: Hardware requirements for a VCS cluster



VCS nodes

From 1 to 32 HP (Itanium or PA-RISC) systems running HP-UX 11i v3.

DVD drive

One drive in a system that can communicate to all the nodes in the cluster.


Typical VCS configurations require that shared disks support the applications that migrate between systems in the cluster.

The VCS I/O fencing feature requires that all data and coordinator disks support SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations (PR).


On HP-UX 11i v3, you must use only DMP disk devices for I/O fencing.

Disk space

To run VCS, LLT, GAB, the Web Console, and the Java Console, each VCS node requires the following file system space:

  • 620 MB in /var

    If you do not have enough free space in /var, then use the installvcs command with tmppath option. Make sure that the specified tmppath file system has the required free space.

  • 350 MB in /opt

  • 20 MB in /usr

  • 2 MB in /


VCS may require more temporary disk space during installation than the specified disk space.

Network Interface Cards (NICs)

In addition to the built-in public NIC, VCS requires at least one more NIC per system. Symantec recommends two additional NICs.

You can also configure aggregated interfaces.

Fibre Channel or SCSI host bus adapters

Typical VCS configuration requires at least one SCSI or Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter per system for shared data disks.


Each VCS node requires at least 256 megabytes.

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