Performing preinstallation tasks

Table: Preinstallation tasks lists the tasks you must perform before proceeding to install VCS.

Table: Preinstallation tasks



Obtain license keys.

Set up the private network.

Enable communication between systems.

Set up ssh on cluster systems.

Set up shared storage for I/O fencing (optional)

Set the PATH and the MANPATH variables.

Review basic instructions to optimize LLT media speeds.

Review guidelines to help you set the LLT interconnects.

Mount the product disc

Verify the systems before installation

See Performing automated pre-installation check.

More Information

Obtaining VCS license keys

Setting up the private network

Setting up inter-system communication

Setting up ssh on cluster systems

Setting up shared storage

Setting the PATH variable

Setting the MANPATH variable

Optimizing LLT media speed settings on private NICs

Guidelines for setting the media speed of the LLT interconnects

Mounting the product disc