Obtaining VCS license keys

This product includes a License Key certificate. The certificate specifies the product keys and the number of product licenses purchased. A single key lets you install the product on the number and type of systems for which you purchased the license. A key may enable the operation of more products than are specified on the certificate. However, you are legally limited to the number of product licenses purchased. The product installation procedure describes how to activate the key.

To register and receive a software license key, go to the Symantec Licensing Portal at the following location:


Make sure you have your Software Product License document. You need information in this document to retrieve and manage license keys for your Symantec product. After you receive the license key, you can install the product.

Click the Help link at this site to access the License Portal User Guide and FAQ.

The VRTSvlic package enables product licensing. After the VRTSvlic is installed, the following commands and their manual pages are available on the system:


Installs a license key for a Symantec product


Displays currently installed licenses


Retrieves the features and their descriptions that are encoded in a license key

You can only install the Symantec software products for which you have purchased a license. The enclosed software discs might include other products for which you have not purchased a license.